Welcome to our website! We are pleased to share with you details of the education we offer and continue to develop for students and families in the South of England.

First and foremost, we are focused on providing an education which provides exceptional outcomes and quality of life for all our pupils and families. Fundamental to this is our commitment to protecting and safeguarding all the children and young people in our school to ensure that they are free from harm.

The pupils at our school, alongside their families, are our key priority. All pupils and young people receive the highest level of education, support, guidance and (where appropriate) specialist services in a safe and dynamic environment. At all times we enable opportunities for pupils and their families to celebrate their uniqueness and diversity and applaud their achievements, whether big or small.

We are always very pleased to hear from anybody who would like to know more about our services. To speak to us, please telephone 01403 752 350 or email us at info@woodlandgrangeschool.com